SEO is the way to comcast your website, But only your content can hold your traffic

    As the Title: SEO is the way to comcast your website, But only your content can hold your traffic. What i want to say is a successful website must have high quality content, even though your traffic is low, no problem, when the visitor find your website is amazing, they will come back, even recommend to their friends.

    Take my test website: Uniware housewares Import Corp. as an example, i fix the function hard and try my best let it looks Pro. when you finished, then, do some back links, here you go, orders placed. and even the business partner contact you.
    For the back links, you need to focus on the long tail keywords, We did cheap high quality housewares ,high quality housewares products ,cheap discount housewares ,housewares products catalog,may be not that much traffic, but this kind of traffic are easier to take orders than housewares
, So, take your time, optimize the website little by little, what you need to consist is optimize on-site pages, high quality back links.
    I do recommend Zen Cart system to beginner, at beginning is tough but you will familiar very quick, and everything is Free! but Pro, such as, the USPS plugin. this plugin can calculate shipping fees accurate depends on the zip code, PayPal business account, when you set up, everything can go much easier than you thinking, Sales maker can auto show discount rate with RED discounted price. There is a tip for show out of stock products, when you set that products quantity number to 0, this product will show sold out, red color.
    The most difficult part is how to custom the main page layout, that stack me for two months. the Goal is make main page looks Pro and hold traffic, beside this one, another problem is how to organize the layout for product page. If everything go well, the visitor gonna enjoy your site, so the bounce rate will keeping low. Google think this site must high quality content or have almost all content for visitor, then the ranking also go up. Because, Google search engine's task is satisfy search work, If visitor search trash website, Google will lose traffic.  


The housewares shipping problem

    We are send more than 10 orders, we use mail station 2 for printing shipping label, but we found that was bad, because there are no tracking number, and when the package arrived, customer call us about damaged items, so we have to resent brand new one to them, this will losing money from each order, so it is time to change postal service, we choose Endicia, it can do tacking # also insurance easy.
    The next thing need to do is how to bring customers and how to do sales on items, because we did 20% off for a whole month, now there no more discount, so no one know how to sell same orders  as last month will be the big question.
    housewares industry, will be the great industry to do online business, and the market is also big, check the Macy's price, is not difficult to find, housewares are expensive, but Uniware do cheap housewaers with higher quality or same quality, people looking for the cheaper price, discount housewares and compare them with Amazon or anywhere check the reviews. But our discount price only show limit time.
   I need more patient to see the SEO effect from housewares keywords, I hope this website can create benefit by itself.


Change to Endicia postal service

    We have to use a new postal service, because the old one can not come with the tracking number, there do have lots of damaged items from the formerly order, we have to pay the cost, no one want to feeling bad from gain nothing after hard work.
    We are just open our housewares online business, we really did wholesale price for retailing website. A lot of customers buy from us because this, even although we are not fully set up yet, in that time, our shipping module are sick, the price never matched at all, now this meter can show tracking number and company name, also can buy insurance and the website's out looking is also ugly, now looks better,  the website can show how many people online, and price filter, the recent orders, customers' review, big slider for Uniware information, like warehouse, showroom.

   I did use two month to did SEO for this website, cheap housewares, discount housewares goes well on Google ranking, but the i have no idea why discount housewares for main page not show on Google. For the cookwares, i will did cheap discount cookware first, these keyword may be much easy than cookware or housewares.
   The next module for Uniware, will be the rewarding program, it will allow customers gain point after placing a order, that will let customers come back a lot to check our price also new products.


Online marketing will rule the future

    Recently, I notice that when I post some pictures with Uniware cheap housewares , discount housewares, I really can get some traffic from Google+,  but no traffic from FB, although I did not take care about FB, so why we did SEO? For traffic, relative high quality stable traffic, is that easy? No, could be take more than 3 months, and even more, need fissional SEO operator, expensive? maybe, but worth, So, Google+ easy? Yes, you can enjoy the stream and share review, post whatever you like, do people will notice you? Yes, some of them will visit your website, the bounce rate under 20%(which is people open your website and just leave did not visit other pages or links). If you buy from Yahoo, or Google AdSense, how much should be cost? more than $100 per month must.
    Take this time to boost your business and let every one know your business!


housewares Keep going on Google

    Housewares go to page two finally, and discount housewares  show on first page! it's unbelievable i just did some back links on this keyword, but need to push it on top position, otherwise there will be no traffic at all.
    I try to increase the website experience, add a lot of plugins, but the problem is the most important two, Google merchant center, and Google map XML both have installation problems, i went to Zen cart forum asking help, only two replies, and the replies did not help me actually.
    So, there is a question about seo, if i get ranking, do i have orders, now i am not sure about this one, maybe i need to fix the customers' experience first.
     Another thing is how to make sure the shipping order have no problems, today is another customer call us about broken handle, before shipping their order, i have to make sure all items go to one box, so i put handle down, now i know it bad, and wrong, it should be put flat, or maybe need to change the shipping company. Try UPS, or Flex?
      Today is really a sad day, no season, i think no order coming, so feel some pressure from this company, and the website optimization is slow to boss i think. can not breath, the eyes balls are painful, need more confidence, i know i have to go on, and never give up. I will make it.        


The people getting lazy!

  The people are getting lazy, i found there a lot of visitor yesterday, some of them try to buy items, but finally give up, we do have 20% off coupon can use, maybe they do not know where to type it in. so i set up a sales maker from Zen cart back door, the price will show automaticlly.
   Now the website looks much attractive with red color sales, then we have a new order, the amount is $108, If everyday they have a order like this amount, www.uniwarestore.com will be sueccful, i do recommend the owner try google Adsense, start from $100, because there is a deal about spent $25 can get $75, and i want to practice how to maxinum the traffic and trun over rate.
Another thing what i did is change the Title, keywords, also the destribiton for Uniware housewares Import Corporate.  all my keywords now come with Uniware, this could be make all information with uniware make this website show first.


So Sleepy, need more coffee

  Just sleep 2 hours last night, because one of my friend come from China, and want to visit me, but I move to Hicksville, I move there for closer to my company Uniware housewares Import Corporation. Since I am so sleepy, I mailed one package with wrong address by mistake. I should notice that the billing address and shipping address are different.
   I told to my boss, I will try to put housewares on page one next week, I will try my best to do that, if I can push housewares to top position, the next work will be keep the ranking, if I can do that well, I think I have the ability to help people.
   My friend told to me. China made people sick, not only for body also for the sprit. take my friend as a example, he have to think about how to make money every minutes, fighting with his wife badly, he feel like his wife complain he make so little money, and want to baby ASAP.
   I can feel he almost going crazy, I can not help him this time, I think he can read bible and will change his mind, then feel better.

   Satan making human living on the earth do not trust God, and no mercy, much less relationship with parents, they will loving themselves, greed, horny.
   Satan will be destroyed at the end, I gonna rely on God in the rest of  my life.

New plan for the www.uniwarestore.com

   Now there is one thing I can confirmed, the Email marketing is the strongest way to attractive customer come back your online store and purchase items. I did twice Email notice about our 20% coupon and new products, until now we have 7~8 orders.
   Although I do English SEO for one and half month, the keyword housewares on page two last position, but no order come from organic traffic now, and the people will only saw the top 5 on first page. Now I am not sure how strong the organic ranking it is. some people think ranking is everything, but if your website have very bad experience how can the traffic stay on your site? If the traffic just leave your site very quickly, the bounce rate of your website will be high, Google know that, when Google detective your high bounce rate, it is a trash site to Google, your ranking will be hard.
   Some how, Google SEO more depends on the backlinks, the Chinese search engine, which is Baidu, more focus on the content now, Baidu have to change, there are a lot of trash site in China, when the search engine can not provide better experience, people will go to another one, when search engine lose traffic, it means it lose ability to make money from ads.  


Interesting spot

   I did SEO service for www.uniwarestore.com one and half month. there is a interesting thing I just noticed. When a new website just add to a keyword top 10 page ranking, it will be stopped on page 3 #1 position.  no matter how hard you working on that, it seems this site go to the Google sandbox already.
  housewares should be this kind of thing. it should be higher than page 3, but nothing happened for few days, This keyword could be useful for online business, but if I did discount housewares , the order defiantly increasing crazy, ok, I have to accept this is my line for now.
  How to broke this line? how to make housewares go forward little by little? how long could be take? If I do this keyword to #1 on page there will be the familiar word to do on the other word and uniwarestore.com will be unstopped.


Can not work at all!

    I have to change desktop again, because there is a ridicules problem. DNS, there no network!  so I have to move to the bad one, abandon one, slow network.
    The only thing can make me happy is the ranking still go on, now housewares on page two, more slayable than before, there is a thing very interesting, discount housewares should go up, but go down a lot, what happened to this keyword?
     I try to let more keyword show on top 10 pages, but they are not working at all, what is the problem, I did back links a lot.
     The email marketing is so important, when I did that first time, I found that there really have some people interesting your products, they want to try, but now I need to print out the orders, so do not have enough time to deal with.
     Beside Email marketing I need to do something main page optimize, if there are no change for a week, it will be reduce attractive, but I did not found a topic can help.
     I put coupon information  on discount coupon page at http://www.uniwarestore.com/discount_coupon.html , hope someone click this page and will buy. we do have express checkout by PayPal, also have the affordable price attractive products, maybe the brand is weak now.
     I really hope one day the housewares can beat all of at them, then just sit there drink a coffee and count how many orders we can have per day!    


Google merchant center

   Today try to run Google Merchant center on Zen cart for Uniware housewares, but do not know how to create the Google product feeds, Google say it is better have XML feed for larger size products, txt for smaller one. But I did not found anything about feed creating process.
   Google also have services called " Google trust store", it's a little bit easier but also need feed. So is there anyone know how to create one? Please just tell me, I need it!
   The order is stopped I think is about traffic, so I try to attract some traffic on Craiglist or reddit.  Need to wait tomorrow and can know which website can bring business. Uniware need to change, no matter the website or the way to run the online order.
   The ranking about housewares need to be patient, because the competitive become higher, it's not easy to jump by page now, it may go up by order one by one, day by day. Maybe today housewares can stay on page two, If go to Page one, May be need another month.


Three days no order

    I add Google AdSense to www.uniwarestore.com , this time I have to say Zen cart really the best than all I used before. I use one code put two places, one is foot banner, another one go to the header, there is one problem with the header GA, it can only show with the main page, if click to the other pages such as Contact Us, there will be blank.
    For the housewares Ranking, it seems stay on the 3rd page #1 position, it is also great to me, since this is a empty site when I optimize it. there is a interesting thing, the keyword houseware  also have ranking, it's on page 4, I think is because housewares ranking great.
    Next week, I think I can finish the Google Merchant Center registration, also with the Google Trust Store code job, these two functions really can boost our business, Some people say it is a free Ads, I am not accept this opinion, maybe I am not use at all, but there no Free Lunch in the world.


Prepare for Nov, Uniware will boost

  Ok, it's hard to keep daily report like this, but will be benefit for future.
  On Google, housewares is hold on #1 position of page three, I am glad to see that happened, that means Google welcome white hat SEO, I learn some SEO skill from China, but not sure it works on English Google, and also thanks for God help a lot, God give me the direction when I feel free at home for 6 months, in that time, I living in flushing, and upset everyday, I think I am useless. Now there is a lot of things I can do.
   The online marketing is very interesting job, if I continue learning the Zen cart skill or SEO skill I will be very useful for a lot of companies.
   when I optimize www.uniwarestore.com I realize that, I need to finger out turn over rate for their website, this maybe includes hundred of keywords to optimize and redesign the main page and inner page, the loading speed, the three tags optimize, also backlink building.
    It is possible happened next month, if the ranking no help for turn over rate, I have to leave this company, and will upset everyday.


big order today

  Today Uniware online store have big order, total is $330, but there is a 20% discount so the total go to $280, the big reason people choose us, it's because we can beat anyone on American market, the ranking for last month only "uniware" have great ranking.
  My job is put housewares, cookware. cookware set. etc. go to the top page within two months, also optimize the payment process, the shopping experience, there is a problem about slider on main page,  because there not enough time to deal with that, so I emergently using a website to create a slider but with backlinks of that company, it looks fine, but not professional, so when I get time I will try to change to clean one.
 so let people know who you are, what you do is important, and will make people easy to trust you.


The new problem need to fix

    There is a new problem detective from Uniware housewares website, they use Mail station 2 to print the shipping label, but not coming with tracking number, what a machine! One of the customer already asked tracking number, but we can not provided to her, that make people feel like a fraud.
    And I also need to take care about Amazon, Uniware upload products to Amazon, I try to leave backlinks to there but failed, so I leave the link like www,uniwarestore.com so the Amazon may not detective. but I go to the product page check resource, the Google bot will not find link www.uniwarestore.com so that means it is not work.
    The housewares ranking on Google now, is page 4,  this morning go to page 3, because there is a change from Google search engine.
    Ok, just do what I want to do for few weeks, If I can not make Uniware website ranking well, we will go.  


Uniware housewares corporate do 20% off on all items

Today, I created a coupon code for Thanksgiving day, 20% off on www.uniwarestore.com Uniware housewares is a successful wholesaler in New York State. This company have more than 20 years history. Their website building system is Zen cart. I never use this system before, now I found it is amazing, ok, to be honest, a little bid tough to beginner, but when you familiar this one, you will find that Zen cart is really Professional. The shipping module have some problems with stupid calculate number it will really stop customers to buy any thing. for example, there is a item weight 0.2 lbs. but USPS module will cost more than 12 dollars. Another thing is the payment is so great, they have 3 PayPal modules, and really can save some money on SSL, you can just build the website and register a account of PayPal, the PayPal can provide the SSL service when someone pay the payment page will redirect to PayPal page with SSL( the URL with HTTPS://), when you transfer money, you do not need to pay extra money. Uniware do the very cheap price on housewares, cookware, kitchenware, cleaning.


The Chinese SEO is hard

     I created my Chinese website with host gator six months ago, it's about online shopping business, the main keyword is 美国代购网,I was did back links a lot, but the ranking is not raise obviously, and 301 redirect need to wait almost 6 months to get effect.
     So, i try the English website SEO, one of my site is Chinese food recipe blog ,but i found there was totally different way to do back links. If i go to forums, i need to reply so many threads to get rights leave links.
     Recently, I take care of housewares wholesaler's website, This website had 4 years history, I think is easier to get ranking.
     Now, one month passed, there only one main page keyword show on first 10 pages. 


Feel bad today

     May be working so hard, really feel bad today, but the peoblem is Owner do not think i am a hard worker! 

     This is my first try English website SEO on Google.Using one week fix the URL,title, describtion and keyword tags. The most time consuming part is familiar Zen-cart system, this is my first time use zen-cart. Right now i now why so many people like it.

     This week try to do some backlinks and focus on the ranking. This company selling the Housewares,Kitchenware,Cookware,Cleaning.The price i think is fair and is #1 wholesaler in New York now.  
     Now, they wanna do the retail also, their company really big, they have huge stroge and show room. But network so weak.
     I do hope one day can finish this site by myself,and make sure that SEO job can bring the future!

The company is Uniware inport inc. (www.uniwarestore.com)


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