Make a website for kidzplay

This is my sec week, the website for kidz play almost done, I do learn a lot from wordpress, WP can do it.

The bosses are nice to me, they want to invest on me, and make much more in the future.

I find my interesting on SEO is coming back, I want to do more test, could be need more do follow back links in the future, and ancient Chinese recipes can rank to #1, I feel unbelievable.

I may try some new back link technology to boost my rank, but how to improve the page rank? That's a problem, I may asking hozio for help.


Deep Sadness in the Heart

   Tonight we are watching the Chinese TV show wumeiniang, and the JW visit us, i know why they are come here, because I stop attending their meeting, they want to know what happened to us, and explain why go meeting is very important, I am not ready go back, i still can not control my depression, i just fear that i will disappointed God again, I explain what happened when i was a kid, my parents dislike me and my father take me to the hospital to double check i am his son, i am so scared and nervous during that time, i have to protect myself and be patient then leave that home, the feeling getting strong when i attend college, they do not even trust me, and my mother seems different between other college mates mothers, their mother send money and keep communication with their sons, but my mother can not keep any secret from me and let me disappointed again and again, i feel so lonely, my girlfriend Amy help me working on my GPA, because i want them feel great on me, i want to go american. but the story is not end, when i graduate from university, i only have one year time to find a company, which can offer me a working visa, i create one opportunity in the hotel, in that time i have good relationship with a travel agency, but they are looking for the good hotel, so i just go to that hotel and tell them i have relationship with the travel agency and can help them bring orders, but i need few money and need someone guide me, because there is also another opportunity in Marriott Ritz Carlton, My daddy just tell go to figure it out by yourself, so i almost go crazy and choose Marriott, now i can tell that, i feel regret on that decision, if i choose sales, they could give me green card earlier.
    This is the first time i explain why i have depression and what happened when i was a kid, in that time, i know nothing just scared. why i feel disappoint with God, because i pray for few months, i am worrying about my life and mood, but there is no answer from God, or i can not find that, the website and ranking even dropped a lot while i did very hard work on that, I just want to happy, i need happy, i feel the life is useless, we are just eating, sleeping, making money and dying, what's the difference between human and animals?
     If my ranking go to top, then there will be tons of traffic to my homepage, i am waiting Yzenith Chinese food Recipes and Yzenith Authentic Chinese food to give me surprise


Corporate with my wife

Amy help me to redesign the layout of yzenith.com, she think let people know our face is very important, and blog subscription is another way to increase traffic, I try my best to find traffic, but now we noticed that, create useful content and active community is the main goal for a site or blog. Amy told me she will help me on writing, and I said I can do some code work for her, she is so busy recently, she face too much pressure from the work, she even want to transfer to HR department, I have no idea how to make choice, sometimes you need to follow your heart but sometimes you better make a smart decision. This time she is on the way, there will be two more years to the end of this program, maybe something good happened in the future, maybe something bad, we all confused on our life, our goals. I feel depression yesterday, because I can not trust that I can make a blog, and make money from it, what I know is that, this blog could be need years to have enough fans to bring me the revenue


Get Drunk Today

   Tonight go to my best friend, Chuan he Wang's store, a dry washing store, they can operate that store very well now and take time to do exercise, i feel so happy for their successful on their business,  they have got so many troubles before they get success, i feel like that this world will test you enough then give you the opportunity to be successful, i did SEO for few years, and i can not tell how to rank effective and get much target traffic. This time i know, do not give up and try your best, may be there are something good will happened.
   SEMrush can track all my keywords in the project, there are 22 keywords tracked now, and i know that the technology i am using is some kind useless, because the keywords are dropped a little bit, such as easy Chinese food recipes, gluten free Chinese food Recipes, Recipes Chinese food, But this is wired, because i think i did not do any rank on those keywords, but they are ranked a little, now i feel like they are need to show up on blog roll position to ranked well.
   My wife go to return the movie from library, she met a dog, which could be get lost, it's eyes are red, and whole body is dirty, it looking for food in the garage, my wife want to help this dog and buy a dog food for it, but when she come back to find that dog again, it disappeared, we are so sorry for that, we plan to feed this dog then call animal control, i want to have a pet badly, some times we feel so lonely.
   2015 is a important year to us, we need to face the destiny of our life, our green card of america, and my SEO goals, I want to have tons of traffic of ranking, so i can open my gigs for business, i can use my company to save money, what i am worrying is that, my ranking can not bring enough traffic to me, i focus on the keywords, Yzenith Chinese food Recipes, Yzenith Chinese food and Yzenith Chinese Recipes to bring me traffic, because these three keywords have greatest search volume from Google and other search Engines, my second step is control the quality of my Ads, So i can know how much i can make per month. This year will tell me where i will stay in my rest life, United States is cool and beautiful, i like this country, because i learn a lot of skills and thinking a lot about my life.


Try Long tail keywords?

   I found plenty of keywords by SEMrush, but they have very little search volume per year, some of them only have 30 or 40 times per year, i am thinking about what about i rank them all? most of are related to my main keywords, those low volume keywords should be called long tail keywords, if they ranked at first page, my main keywords should be ranked higher than before.
   I am still looking for the back links resources, SEMrush have a function about backlinks, but it seems can not download as PDF file, which is much more clear and convenient to track and follow competitors' behavior. $70 per months is much more than hosting fee, i will try to find out all the amazing functions by SEMrush, there also have audit function to monitor your website's errors and suggestion for meeting SEO requirements.
   Today is a boring day, i been to scan well at 8:30 am, but i feel like i only spend 2 hours for work, and rest hour on Google, i have to keep my secret on backlinks things there, I have no idea how long i will stay there, maybe few months later my website will make enough money then i could be quit from there, i can not forget my dream. the keywords Yzenith cheap Chinese food recipes and Yzenith American Chinese food recipes, Yzenith Chinese Foods Recipes are empty in SEMrush tracking, that's so wired, almost all the keywords related Chinese Recipes are ranked somewhere, the high competitive keywords have ranked in top 100, but low competitive keywords out of top 100.
   I get menu from a Chinese delivery restaurant which have a lot of American Chinese Food names, I think there will be a lot of people looking for the recipes, but real Chinese foods are totally different between those food, there will be more steam cooking method used on ingredients. I have little time working on those American Chinese food Recipes, but they are so important for me, I hope some one can help me.


payroll increased

   Yesterday, my boss rick let tell me that he will increase my payment a little bit, because i did SEO service for his customers, there could be two customers so far, and they will select some keywords let us rank them, i have no idea how much could i make if i can do the optimization for their website, another good news for me is that i find my keywords ranked a little bit higher, such as Yzenith Chinese food Recipes with pictures, and Yzenith American Chinese food Recipes, those are detected by Semrush, if i do research on Google or other search engine, i could found that, they are not in the same position. Because Google have localized result, Bing and Yahoo do not have that problem, but Bing and Yahoo have less search volume.
   One of my Facebook fan ask me about their products, I am thinking about they could be great for affiliate program, they have recipes so i can translate their recipes then add some affiliate link to their store, i am a beginner of affiliate program, it seems this is the best way to increase income, i know there is a big problem on me, that is patient, although i did SEO for almost two years, but there are so many people failed on SEO, i can not fear failure, the life is running and less everyday, i am trying hard just in case one day i ask myself my failure, in that time i will say that i tried my best, there is no pity.
   I think blogger and weebly could be have mobile apps for update their post, i do want to do that while i am working, if my blogs update per week, they could be easier get indexed, i have no idea how to transfer my blogs' traffic to Yzenith, there are so many things i need to do, i find i have to do them one by one, such as write post about host gator coupon code and introduce Semrush plan, my blog comment box missing problem is also need to be fixed, i am still looking for the logo designer for Yzenith, i also need some banner to satisfy my visitors, Gary is a perfect guy to help me, but i have no idea how much he charge for that gigs, he plan to let him join my blog and share the Ads income but now i know it is too late and Yzenith grow too slow, he could be not interesting at all. if you want to be successful, you need a lots of people help you.


First Try on Ski

   Amy and i go to Carmel back mountain for ski on Saturday, that's a cool day for us, there have snow on the morning, we attend the beginner lesson, but i have very bad language, i do not know what the coach talking about, so i have no idea about how to make a turn and how to stop, the only way i can do is fall down to stop that or hit someone, my wife always fell nervous about speeding, so she try to fall down each time when she feel speed. in the afternoon, the weather is going bad, because it start to raining, ice rain, that we almost forget that, we are fall in love with practice, and i am so exciting about that fall down is not painful at all, so i am try ski crazily, this make me very painful when i come back home. That company is very nice, they give us free beer on the bus.
   And i have to say i feel very good on SEO now, i think i get how to make research keywords, or in another word, i know how to spy my competitors, i can know which keyword bring the most traffic to them, so i will catch up, in the following months i need to know how long those keywords could take when they ranked on first page and how many traffic i could get from search engines, but i have one thing get confused, that is competitive rate, Semrush(SEMrush.com. The new tool for Search Engine Marketing. US database 40 000 000 keywords. Learn everything about your competitors! ) tell me that Chinese food have less competitive than Chinese food Recipes, which is impossible, so i need to make a new test on that, i will test Yzenith Chinese food while test Yzenith Chinese food Recipes.  
   Actually I am agree with that, SEO is only contain two parts, keywords research and rank. it is not very successful on ranking, in another word, i need know how to make rank faster, and which make my rank going up, if i have no problems with these two parts, i will make good property in the future, that could be take few years, or few months, i am so exciting and confidence this time. Do not let me Down, Please.


Happy about Keywords Research

   I found a code for 14 days free on Semrush, i spend a whole day to select my competitors and analysis their successful keywords which bring them tons of traffic, i think i can be successful this time if i am adding the content contain keywords, i think there is no way to overcome my competitors recently, i plan to purchase new domain and redirect to Yzenith Chinese Recipes Blog, that will be a new test, i hope that will save my time and bring me few traffic and increase some ranks on search engine.
   I was spend almost $300 for my blog, $200 for two years host and domain fee in Godaddy, Which give me cheap SSL services, to be honest, this plan is for a E-commerce site, I feel that is too early to buy SSL, i need to make over 50 new recipes, Americanized Chinese food Recipes, such as Kung pao Chicken Recipe, Sweet and Sour pork recipe, egg drop soup recipe, those recipes will easier for me to get traffic than real authentic Chinese food recipes.
   Tomorrow we gonna go to ski, this will be our first time, we hope everything going well, and have great fun, we need to keep relax and find the balance in our life. I have dream about my career, that is Website webmaster who can make enough money and also have plenty of time to enjoy the life, I know that is hard, i can feel i almost touch it, it right ahead!