start new training from Dean

    Yesterday make a decision on new training, is about a SEO system from Dean, Who is get success from SEO, This is my second time to attend SEO training, i feel tried from 5 months optimization on Yzenith, I feel like i could have good strategy on Site development, but on detail need more specific, Dean's Training is focus on this, traffic, untapped back links, content, get more details.
    He could use 2 years turn his site into 10 k monthly income property, that is sort of my goal, but not that much, I really hope i could get successful from SEO, I just so tried on it, because there are so many problems need to conker and that make my site have to start SEO or back links from Zero.
    My experience on that is do not change your URL, page URL, categories, post , tag, Just leave them there, when time running, Google get more and more trust them, you can optimize those URL easily. If you change them, Google did not think they are the same one, Even though they have same content from same domain and author, Google bots will value the New one from Zero and all your back links fro old one can take longer time to transfer their vote value to new one. The same problem happened on me, I can say i waste few months on old one, Now i can not even redirect http://yzenith.com to https://yzenith.com , i got bulk of back links useless. Which make me painful.
    There are some Recommendation on my Blog:


My Ranking is Keeping up

  These two days, I find some of my keywords are going up, they bring me almost 30 organic traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo, Most of the traffic are going to Chinese Moon cake festival story 2014, And i find this post have very high bounce rate, So, I added more facts on Moon Cake categories. I am still confused on Why this Keyword can going up, but others still stay in the same line. May be one reason is I did use long tail keyword to optimize it, So this post will test my homepage keyword and that could be need one more week to tell the result.  I will use Ancient China travel culture facts information about China, Authentic Chinese food cooking recipes website free, That will includes a lots of Keyword together, and bring strong Traffic?
   When you get your traffic, you could be need more focus on quality of your content, You do not want to waste them, so you add fresh untapped post to your visitors is good beginning, I think i am just start it to do that, and will continue test all the facts in website and SEO. The next step is how to turn those traffic to income and resolved my financial problem. All of these are like a circle, when you optimize all of them one by one, Your website will changed its quality totally, I suppose This is a good way to have a blog or website, even the business.
   I have no idea how long this process could be take, But i know God will help me and show me the right way to do that.



SEO is way to optimize your site

    I worked on SEO for about years, I did some core keywords like housewares, cheap housewares, authentic chinese recipes, as far as i know, even though you get high ranking on Google, without nice design and useful content, people will leave you, and there are some easy way to bring a lot of traffic, such as Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, and someone on the SEO forum tell the true about SEO can only make 15% on a website success, I waste lots of time on a wrong keyword, now decide to optimize brand new: Facts about China, Information about China, that could be take another 6 months, i have no choice, i need a job, i need some income, by the way continue doing the optimization, This blog i create is for write down my moon and experience on SEO, website design. It also can help a little to make back links.
   I just edit a homepage, to includes my the categories on my website, also have a post loop, which is amazing function i need, with this loop, the whole site will be much easy to get notice by Google, and each post i will optimize 3-5 keywords, there is the example, Chinese moon festival, Chinese moon festival 2013, Chinese moon festival story, another group is information about great wall of China, great wall of China information, the whole strategy is make sure everywhere get optimized and continue adding the content till your site's PR get higher, then the traffic should be incredible.

   My suggestion about website webmaster who want to make more traffic is, make sure you have nice or impressive organized homepage, but the best part is your content. with most useful content, people is different to leave you.



Change to new title

    I just notice that i could have a wrong title, what i want people know me? which keyword i want to people search and find my blog then get satisfied? I found these information about china, information on china, maybe china information? and there are also a lot of keywords are interesting and useful, such as information about great wall about china, great wall of china information, I did make a post about great wall information, so try the those keyword could be help a lot, I also notice that, i need a job maybe, but did not give up my personal website and continue add some useful post.
    I hope this time i can get enough visitors from Google, and have the best practice on SEO, There are some jobs fit for me, I wish i can go into a industry like hotel chain or hospitality for SEO optimization work, then continue work on the site.
    I found there could be a secret for increase the PR, that's do the back links for your whole site structure, your homepage, your category, your page, and your post, make record about keyword for each keyword, then make a page for record them(this is what i will test soon for SEO)
    the ranking really take long time, I was to rank quick, but now is not sure can do that. I will go on.



How am I going to survive in China?

I have bad depression and take wellbutrin for it. I discovered that it might not even be available where I originally wanted to go. I absolutely hate big cities so I had hoped to go to a more medium sized city in Chinese food recipe blog (even though it'd still seem large compared to U.S. cities) but that makes the chances even lower that I could find the correct medications. I am Norwegian and depend heavily on a higher dairy and meat diet for calories because it's really tough for me to get solid food down (long story there). I hate juice and pop/soda makes me sick. I was reading about how most Chinese recipe easy people are lactose intolerant, and without milk I will probably get pretty sick realistically. I also have heard multiple times that refrigeration isn't dependable so the milk products you can buy might not be safe. So, no antidepressants or dairy, two of my most important necessities. I love languages and have spent two years learning Chinese cooking recipes , but I would much rather go to Europe than waste a study abroad experience dealing with near death experiences due to the lack of these things. On top of that, a visa and plane ticket is easily over 2500$. Is it possible to be perfectly fluent in Chinese without going? Is there a way around these issues? With every new fact I learn about china, it seems like a worse place for me to go.

UHT milk is available everywhere in China. Doesn't need to be refrigerated until after it's opened. You can buy it in single serving bags/boxes so that you only open what you need. Liter boxes are also available. Yogurts are also very, very common. (I'm Caucasian and I'm lactose intolerant and my Chinese friends find it amazing that I don't eat the ice cream here!) Every small shop sells ice cream year round . . . another dairy source. 

Refrigerators are sold all over China. Every "small" city has them as well as many villages. Villages may have more electrical outages than cities, but if you are going to even a medium sized city, your electrical supply will be fine. 

Medium size cities all have major pharmacy chains. I live in China's northwest (not very developed when compared to the eastern seaboard) and between two pharmacy chains, almost every drug under the sun is available. Only exception would be narcotics (morphine, etc.). Additionally, your doctor in Norway should be able to prescribe a longer time frame prescription or you should be able to have friends mail it to you when needed. 

In other words, China isn't completely backward like you seem to think it is.

don't know where you learned all these about china. 
but i can tell you we are not all lactose intolerant, i myself have never seen one my whole life. refrigeration not dependable ? what do you mean? refrigerators in china are all of poor quality that they couldn't even keep carton milk from going bad? 

what do you expect? when you come to the country accomodating the bigest population group in the world? a small city with a population density like the ones in the U.S? 

the best and fastest way to learn a second language is to immerse yourself in a environment where you are surrounded by people who speaks it everyday. if you wanna learn it on your own , it's also fine, but much slower. just like me, heading into the forth year of learning english. still no better than my friend who spent two years studying in the u.s

first of all, get off the welbutrin. that will not help your depresion. it will do permanent damage to your body. dairy, and meat is all over China. China is an agriculture society, and have many cows. most Chinese dont even drink juice or soda. there are super markets all over medium size cities. stay away from hong kong and taiwan. those places will only make you more depresed. it's true, you can be fluent in CHinese without going to mainland CHina, but be warned that if you go to singapore, hong kong, or taiwan, you will be faced with right wing extremism, materialism, elitism, and demagogy. if those things dont bother you, then go right ahead. in order to open your mind, you will have to go to the mainland. by going to taiwan, hong kong, or singapore, your mind will still be confined inside the box. seeking enlightenment will require you to go to the main land

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